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windows vases

Blumenvasen für Dein Fenster.


windows vases - FENSTERVASEN

The idea for the windows vases comes, when some customers on several exhibitions mentioned that the do not have a magnetic refrigerator. So Kerstin searched for a solution and managed it in the twinkling of an eye. The vases became a vacuum cup and the magnets vases turned to windows vases (in German FENSTERVASEN).
From this point in time you can place your flowers to every glass, mirror or smooth surface. Maybe in your bathroom on the mirror, or on a window without windowsill.

We kept the concept which means that like the MAGNETVASEN each windows vase – FENSTERVASE is available as standalone unit, or as a set. The set consists of 2, 3 or more vases. The special feature of a set is that the grain of the wood is going through. An additional noble look is given to the set.

Windows vases or a set always consists of the wood, the glass and one substitute glass. The substitute glass is free of charge.

Jutta B. from Melbourne asks: Are the windows vases also with water level indicator available?

Dear Jutta, yes we produce the windows vases also with water level indicator, but please note: This is a very rare model, which is in great demand. It is mostly as “limited edition” available. We will announce it right in time in our newsletter when water level indicator vases are produced.

Every product which leaves our stock from Düsseldorf is excellent packed in a box for shipping.