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table variation

♥ test tube vases ♥

The test tube vase with angled shape is “classic”. It was the first vase Kerstin produced.

Kerstin wasn´t able to through the wood away, she had from her restauration workshop. And then the day came when a friend of her had birthday. Kerstin decided to produce from one piece wood a test tube vase. Her friend and all the guests were delighted and suddenly everyone like to have such a vase. This was the moment BLUMENWIESE was established.

In the course of time the vases were developed further and today test tube vases means vases for the table or window sill.
This model variation is in different forms und woods available. The test tube vases can be round angled, long with or without bark. Everything is possible. All woods are sanded again after being processed and especially surface-treated. Than the become the typical smooth surface.

Current models you will find in our shop. We recommend for this model a fill and cleaning set. With the filling bottle you can fill the test tubes much more easier. With the cleaning set the glass always looks like new. Once a model is produced and it passed our final inspection it is ready for our shop.

By the way a test tube vase always consists from wood, glass and a replacement glass. The replacement glass is free of charge.