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pen holder

pen holder with magnets

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pen holder

Kerstins daughter Felicitas is 10 years old and she paints since she is four. Of course there are a plenty of pens necessary, which how could it be any different are lying around everywhere.
In this context Kerstin has the idea to create something which brings order into the chaos. The result was a pen holder.
One of the first pen holders has holes for each pen. Not so today, because our products are constantly evolving and they change with every development a little. We from BLUMENWIESE consider the development of our products as a process in which a guiding principle is in front: The product should bring the maximum benefit and it has to be stylish.

In the next revised edition the pen holder becomes larger holes. Now it was possible to place a handful of crayons with one hand grip. In addition there is enough space for more pens, scissors or other implements.

But the flowers should not be neglected and so Kerstin decided, the pen holder must obtain a milk churn vase for sufficient flowers. So Kerstin developed the pen holder further. In the evening she proudly presents the new pen holder her husband Mike. Mike works in an office and came just from a customer appointment home. Mike sorted out his business cards, as Kerstin had again a fantastic idea. A business card holder was needed. Kerstin decided to add different kind of models to the model range. Today we have a variant with business card holder and one with magnets. You can choose your pen holder in our shop.

BLUMENWIESE pen holder brings order and style to your desk. It comes with wood and milk churn vase to you. The color of the milk churn vase can be selected by you. In which color the milk churn is available, you can find out in our shop. Also you will find the shipping costs and delivering time.