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milk churn vases

milk churn vases

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♥ milk churn vases - the big brother ♥

The milk churn vase is the“big brother” of the test tube vase. Now you can put more flowers to your BLUMENWIESE. Take the new milk churn vase and your flower meadow will become lush. The milk churn vase can take on more flowers and it has at the same time a larger water storage.

Barbara L. from Quebec writes: "We are delighted by the milk churn vases and we were wondering why is it called milk churn vase?"

Dear Barbara, the name milk churn vase is coming from the form of the vase. In the past before industrialization and commercialization our farmers have bottled the milk of their cows in large pitchers, the so called milk churn. These pitchers were usually made of aluminum and had a lid. At the top the pitcher had a round shape, so that the milk could not spill over, if you forgot the lid.

We from BLUMENWIESE have reminded us of this principle and we have considered it in our production.

Our enthusiasm was so great, that we decided to use this form of vases to other products. But the best is, these vases form is now available in color.

With the milk churn vases we like to give you the opportunity to make your own BLUMENWIESE still lush and colorful.
Which kind of vase is the right one for you? Take a look in our shop, there are a few milk churn vases which are waiting for you and which are made for you with love,

lovely greatings from Düsseldorf

Kerstin von der BLUMENWIESE