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cosmetic holder


cosmetic holder

It was the first exhibition day for us in Berlin in autumn 2013. The audience was very interested in our products. Also Susan M. and her friend looked up to our booth. And as she saw our cosmetic holders she shouted out “Finally someone who is worrying about us.”

Dear Susan, thank you very much for this nicest compliment on this day.

How do we come to the idea to produce a cosmetic holder?

The idea for the cosmetic holder Kerstin had one morning in the bathroom. She was in hurry and couldn´t find something in the mirror cabinet. I should create something, which brings tidiness and is stylish, she thought. Sometime later she went to her workshop and wasn´t seen the whole day. But when the door opens again, there was no doubt about that she had a wonderful result, which is fantastic.
The result was two cosmetics holders with enough space for your lipstick, mascara and many more. Both of them came with a milk churn vase which has much space for many flowers. The color of the vase can be selected by you.

Your cosmetic holder comes with wood and vase to you. To select a model, please visit our shop.