blumen-wiese Deine Geschenkplattform für individuelle Ideen
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From selected woods we made exclusive vases.

kind of woods

kind of wood: BEECH

kind of wood: YEW TREE

kind of wood: WALNUT

kind of wood: PALISANDER

kind of wood: PLUM TREE

♥ exclusiv woods? ♥

Yes, correct. We could not say in advance which kind of wood we will use, because our vases are not made in mass production but in manual production. The wood which comes into operation is selected very well. The selection is to be subjected to strictly criteria.

As BLUMENWIESE we are committed to protect the rainforest. We pay very close attention to the responsibility not to use wood from rainforest. And we do not use tropical woods. We like to let our customers know that, so that they could use our products without hesitation.

When choosing woods, we rely on our domestic woods like cherry, walnut, pear, beech, yew and we are guided by the availability.

Obviously this is the reason why BLUMENWIESE products are so popular. Our products are not at any time and everywhere available. Often it is so that customers ask: "When will it be possible to have a testing tube vase with 20 glasses?" We can only answer: "We don´t know. Because everything has to be alright, only then we can start to produce the vases. But when it is possible to have it, we will write it into the newsletter."

The production of a vase is considered from us as a creative process in which absolutely everything must be perfect. We cannot use any wood for any vases, and who knows it better than Kerstin. She is the one who select the wood and starts the creative process.

When starting the selection Kerstin has already a concrete idea of what kind of vases she likes to produce with this wood. Some wood for example beech with bark is better suitable for test tube vases, then for key or pen holder. It depends on the manufacturing process, which is always different.

And it is also the manufacturing process, which is to be strictly observed. Only then a wood becomes a real BLUMENWIESE product.