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New agent for Norway

Blumenwiese is proud to welcome Mari Skavhaug-Flender to our team.

The history of Blumenwiese starts in Düsseldorf Germany, in Kerstin Frajeses workshop for restauration.

For the restauration of old furniture is always fine wood needed. And mostly there are exclusive pieces of wood.
"My stock was getting bigger and bigger and I couldn´t decide to throw the pieces away." Kerstin decided to make a birthday gift for a friend from one piece of wood. Over the time more and more friends came and like to have also a vase. So Kerstin perfected the manufacturing and developed different kind of product lines. Today all vases are have special sealing and by a special wax treatment they have a smooth surface and they are water resistent. Meanwhile it is possible to have great flower bouquets.

"Our costumers have the possibility to bring their own Blumenwiese to their living room. It often happens that customers are searching for a gift for christmas, easter or birthday and they find some in our shops. Our range is constantly being expanded. So we also developed pen holder, key holder and cosmetics stands."

2010 Juni - BLUMENWIESE is established first products are cubes- and testing tube vases
2010 September - Magnets vases follows (refrigerator magnets)
2011 März - Our portfolio will be expanded with milk churn vases. Your BLUMENWIESE can be made even more lush. 2011 August - The key holder keep things tidy.
2012 April - Aesthetics for your desktop - the pen holder including business card holder is available.
2013 Juni - The ladies are excited - the cosmetic holder comes to the market.
2014 Mai - The jewelry framework is developed.

In 2015 we like to welcome Mari Skavhaug-Flender to our team. Mari is 36 years and degreed bachelor in marketing and communication. She is representing BLUMENWIESE in Norway. To get BLUMENWIESE products in Norway, please contact confidencely Mari Skavhaug-Flender.

Milestones: More over 2000 five stars reviews from the DaWanda platform.