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In perfect finishing we are doing by hand made your exclusive vases from fine woods.

BLUMENWIESE - exclusive vases and more

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How to make vase?

From fine woods we are making handmade exclusive and unique vasesto the vases

individual pieces

each piece is unique.

a new vase..

...is made.

Now the good piece

need to be refined.

Different kind

of vases are made.Find your vase.

Vases and magnets

or windowvases (they hold on any smooth surface).to the vases

Milk churn vases

this new variant was developed last year. To the milk churn vases.


Just imagine that it would be a beautiful warm summer day and the cloudless blue sky provides a nice contrast to the lush green meadow on where diverse flowers and herbs shimmers in never ending colors. Bees and butterflies fly from each flower to another. You can smell the flavor and the feeling of happiness is all around you.

Now you can take this feeling home and create your own flower meadow.

Each vase is made by us is handmade and therefor unique. We manufacture in our workshop in Düsseldorf (Germany). Our fine woods and a careful processing method give each vase a unique appearance. Get a few flowers from the garden or a flower shop and create your own BLUMENWIESE (flower meadow). Bring the “flower power” home to you. With each BLUMENWIESE you have create an artwork.

...have fun with your selection

Kerstin von der BLUMENWIESE